2010-11 Senior Squad paperwork and handouts

Here are the documents for those participating in the Senior Squads programme for 2010-2011:
 Developing juniors - the Yorkshire experience (PDF)
 Elements circle (Word)
 Elements of psychology and performance (Word)
 Emotional energy (PDF)
 Exercise physiology (Word)
 Goal setting (Word)
 Goal setting - getting down to the detail (Word)
 Isometric exercises (Word)
 Mental trainer (Powerpoint)
 Periodization (PDF)
 Practicing to compete '05 (Word)
 Walkback tuning worksheet (PDF)
 Weekly programme (PDF)
 Yearly training chart (PDF)

Kath Fitzpatrick
Yorkshire County Coaching Officer
Northern Counties Regional Coaching Officer

Drugs in sport - a presentation

Sue Thomis gave a presentation in Barnsley to YAA coaches on Sunday the 19th of October. The subject was drugs in sport.

The Powerpoint presentation that was used is available to download. It may take a minute to launch, so please be patient:
 Presentation on drugs in sport (Powerpoint, 808kb)

Shooting Forward

Shooting Forward is the coaching newsletter of Archery GB, bringing you the latest news, coaching guidance and grass roots reporting. It's available online and is also distributed free of charge by email. Within each edition of Shooting Forward you can expect to find regular features including C.A.S.E, Coaching Stars, and club and coach development updates, in addition to latest news and interesting interviews.

For more details and to sign up, go to the page below:
 Shooting Forward, the Archery GB newsletter

Below is an example of an article from Shooting Forward. Kath Fitzpatrick is a great believer in the C.A.S.E (Copy And Steal Everything) approach to coach and archer education, and contributed the piece below to Shooting Forward as part of her C.A.S.E Guide to Coaching.

Coaching the Bow Hand Position

By Kath Fitzpatrick, Senior Coach

Why is the bow hand position important?
A good bow hand position provides the archer with a firm foundation for developing consistent form. It can:

What are the key points for developing good bow hand position?
Whatever the shape of your bow grip, there are certain principles that apply. The bow hand position and pressure point must be easy to repeat - and the closer any action or position is to a natural body position or movement, the easier it is to repeat. You can test this, and attain a good hand position, very easily.

How do I do this with my bow?

This position puts the centerline of the bow grip on a line from the deepest part of the thumb-finger web to the middle of the hand at the wrist. If you do this, there is space between the outside edge of the hand and the bow. The base of the thumb muscle should rest on the centre-line of the grip. During the draw, the pressure should be taken on the thumb muscle and directly into the wrist, not onto the thumb knuckle.

Relaxing the bow hand
When the string is drawn, the bow presses into the thumb pad. You do not hold the bow. If the hand is properly positioned, it has no tendency to slide in any direction. This allows you keep the hand relaxed throughout the shot. Do not wrap the fingers around the grip area. Remember, there should be space between the outside of the palm and the side of the grip, with the wrist relaxed so that its up-down position on the grip is consistent. Proper bow hand position leaves space between the bow and the palm. Your knuckles almost look like a 45 degree angle away from the grip (see figure 3 above).

The result

A relaxed yet firm bow hand position that is anatomically strong, allowing the bow arm to be firm yet relaxed, providing that stable base for a strong shot and relaxed follow through (see photos above and below).

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